Coming Home For Winter

Meine erste Septett-CD heißt „Coming Home For Winter“ und erschien am 08.11.2019 bei Eine sorgfältig gemachte CD mit vielen Stücken, eines schöner als das andere. Und danach gilt für jeden kommenden Winter: Ein großartiges zeitlos wunderbar klingendes Weihnachtsgeschenk ist hier entstanden. Auf meinem youtube-Kanal gibt es etwas davon zu hören:

Martina Gebhardt (voc, comp), Christoph Titz (trumpet, fluegelhorn), Mike Segal (alto sax, comp), David Beecroft (tenor sax), Tobias Tinker (piano, fender rhodes), Martin Lillich (bassello, e-bass, comp), Tilman Person (drums, voc), Andrea Marcelli (drums).

Die CD gibt es bei mir direkt und natürlich bei der Plattenfirma, Laika-Records. Zudem online an vielen Stellen. Falls Ihr sie nicht bekommt maildet Euch bei mir!


CD Coming Home For Winter Booklet aussen 20190910


Und hier die Liner Notes  vom großartigen Musiker, Posaunist, Arrangeur und Jazzkenner Dave Amis:

With The festive Season approaching in Advent 2018 my wife Margaret and I had walked our dogs to the cliff top in the small town where we live, overlooking the North Sea and being aware of the many „Wind Turbines” now dotted along the horizon. A child broke away from his parents – looked at me inquisitively and asked “do you know what the Windmills are”. I tried to explain that they are able to generate electricity when the wind is  strong enough to blow the sails around. Then I suddenly thought, – add some enchantment spice, after all „The Season” approaches – try something more intriguing – beyond them , due North is where Santa Claus lives (North Pole) –  the boy seemed much happier with this information and    departed with a smile!

So what smiling guidance can I give about Martina’s Christmas CD – the family of *“Mujicians” with her have been known to me for many years and continue to deserve my utmost (and indeed everyone’s) admiration for the precious presents on offer here. 

So the season is now a commercial, cultural phenomenon in danger of losing it’s religious significance altogether, however believing in magic is still an essential ingredient for the true Spirit of Christmas and obviously capturing that yuletide spell is in very tangible evidence here, it’s a veritable box of ever-changing moods, flavours and nuances on offer. Should you happen to have been gifted something this unique under the tree on December 25th  – lucky you! – your „Good Vibes” are assured every time Santa is due in town!!

(* a combination of Magician and Musician)

The first story is about spreading happiness by suggesting an unlikely possibility — much in common with this musical offering from Martina.

David Amis. August 1st 2019 XX



CD Coming Home For Winter Booklet aussen 20190910

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